“Greg cares deeply about our town, its diversity, institutions, families, workers and kids. He’s progressive, open-minded, and a good listener. He’ll make a real contribution to the City Council, and I’m proud to endorse him.” 

                              State Senator Ben Allen

As a financial management expert and life-long resident, Greg will be an important addition to the Council. He’ll be able to protect our tax dollars and make sure they’re spent on maintaining the high level of city services every resident deserves.”                                                                                                   Mayor Ted Winterer


Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS)

L.A. County Democratic Party

L.A. County Federation of Labor (C.O.P.E.)

Santa Monica Democratic Club

Santa Monica Firefighters

Santa Monica Forward

Santa Monica Police Officers Assn.

Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights

Unite Here, Local 11

Elected Officials

Ben Allen, CA State Senate

Richard Bloom, CA State Assembly

Ted Winterer, Mayor, City of Santa Monica

Gleam Davis, Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Santa Monica

Kevin McKeown, Santa Monica City Council

Terry O'Day, Santa Monica City Council

Tony Vazquez, Santa Monica City Council

Nancy Greenstein, SMC Board of Trustees

Margaret Quinones-Perez, SMC Board of Trustees 

Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein, President

   Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District BOE

Jon Kean, Vice President 

    Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District BOE

Laurie Lieberman,

   Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District BOE

Ralph Mechur,

   Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District BOE

Maria Leon-Vazquez

   Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District BOE


Judy Abdo, Former Mayor, Santa Monica

David Alvarez

Tait Alverez

Abby Arnold, Chair, SM Pier Corporation

Oliver Baker

Catherine Baxter

Jean Bernard

Russ Bernard

Danny Bitar 

Erin Bitar

Peter Bosen

Maire Byrne

Clifford Calvin

Don Camacho

Richard Chaker

Anthony Cigliano

John Clarizo

Jackie Coonan

Jim Conn, Former Mayor, Santa Monica

Beth Cowling 

Marc Cruise

Temma Dahan 

Annie Dudek

Bruria Finkel

Chris Foster, Vice Chair, SM Pier Corporation

Albin Gielicz, SM Recs and Parks Commission

Colby Goff

Mike Gruning

Chris Harding

Alison Havel

Derek Havel

Matt Heller

Maya Holloway

Alfie Hume 

Sheila Hume

Erin Inatsugu

Jeff Jarrow

Shaq Khairzad

Hae Ju Kim

Hyne Kipperman

Fred Kipperman,SMC Foundation Board

Jeff Klocke, SM Pier Association

Josh Kriteman

Individuals cont'd

Leslie Lambert, SM Planning Commission

Shawn Landres, SM Planning Commission 

Carol Lemlein

Josh Loeb

Stephanie Malylil

Tom Malylil

Monica Martin

Brian MacMahon

Evan Meyer

Lizzy Moore

Brian Morena

Gita Morena

Veronica Morena

Myron Nathan

Eric Natwig

Anthony Newman

Jeanette Packard

Randi Parent

Wonnie Park 

Michael Parker

Vicki Parker

Sergio Ramierz Sr.

Sergio Ramierz Jr.

Nick Rolsten

Cynthia Rose, President, SM Spokes

Genise Schnitman

Colby Schwartz

Kristof Sellman-Johnson

Nathan Simon

Maria Starr

Phil Starr

Brent Stoll

Colleen Stoll

Melissa Sweeny

Linda Sullivan

Michael Thompson

Peter Trinh

Nat Trives, Former Mayor, Santa Monica

Chris Voloski

Peter Wang

Angie Wang

Steven Weinraub

Brian Weitman

Jeff Willis 

Dennis Wong

Steve Yarmin 

Partial list. Titles for identification only.

Paid for by Greg Morena for SM City Council 2018   16633 Ventura Blvd., #1008     Encino, Ca 91436  FPPC ID# 1402988

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