on the ISSUES

PUBLIC SAFETY: Put the public's safety services first and ensure that our first responders have the resources needed to protect our community.

HOUSING: Safeguard renters' rights and rent control; create smart policies to encourage better maintenance of aging units and more affordable housing so that our children, seniors, and working families can afford to live here and maintain diversity in our community.


EDUCATION: Protect the City's partnership with our exceptional public schools and nurture the Cradle to Career initiative, so that residents of all ages can thrive.


NEIGHBORHOOD PRESERVATION: Protect the quality of our residential neighborhood, encourage open space, and shape the future of our city to meet the challenges of the 21st century, as defined by our community in the LUCE.



SUSTAINABILITY: Ensure that Santa Monica remains a leader in environmental policies to: improve our water and air quality; continue our water and power conservation; provide better and safer options for public transit, pedestrians, and cyclists; and encourage adaptive reuse to further reduce our carbon footprint.

LOCAL BUSINESS: Stand with our homegrown small businesses and recognize that our local economy thrives with innovation, technology and a living wage for all.   

FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Maintain and communicate clearly the City's pledge to provide all residents access to exceptional services while balancing the budget and maintaining an AAA bond rating.

Paid for by Greg Morena for SM City Council 2018   16633 Ventura Blvd., #1008     Encino, Ca 91436  FPPC ID# 1402988

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